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AltRight, AltLeft – the world seems to be in turmoil. AltVisions is a collective aiming to highlight visions that break with convention to bring new hope for living well together in a divided world. We challenge binaries originating in the West but now global, such as left/right, state/market, religious/secular, idealist/realist, theory/practice. We do this by bringing together diverse ideologies, diverse geographies, diverse disciplines and diverse sectors: academics studying new forms of solidarity; activists developing new forms of commoning; artists seeking to reconnect people with the earth. Conventional ideas, conventional politics – nothing seems to resonate anymore. The old ways of thinking and acting no longer seem to work. AltVisions connects the establishment with the disaffected to begin rethinking what change means and how to bring it about. We will place senior academics, politicians, policy makers and journalists alongside activists, artists, dramatists and musicians to explore new ways of understanding and making change.