METABOLIC’s top sustainability reads
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METABOLIC’s top sustainability reads

published over 5 years ago

Looking for a deeper understanding of sustainability and circular economics without getting bored? Then we have the books you need to add to your summer reading list.

Big Thinking - Naomi Klein: This changes everything: Capitalism vs. the climate
59 min
Bill McKibben: What Winning the Climate Change Battle Looks Like | Bioneers 2016
25 min
The True Value of Nature | Tony Juniper
22 min
John Thackara - Thinking Like A Forest: A Design Agenda for Bioregions
69 min
Doughnut Economics - Kate Raworth
17 min
Natural Capitalism: The Next Industrial Revolution with Amory Lovins
87 min
Tim Jackson: Prosperity Without Growth
65 min
Keynote presentation by Mr. Eric Beinhocker, Institute for New Economic Thinking
25 min