Naomi Klein’s Reading List
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Naomi Klein’s Reading List

published about 8 years ago

One of the things that struck Naomi Klein during her research into the climate crisis is that all around the world women are at the forefront of the fight to protect land, water, and air. Often they do so in name of future generations. These are some of the women whose love of the natural world, and rage at injustice, first inspired me to write about climate change.

Living Downstream - Trailer
3 min
Biocides: Rachel Carson
9 min
Wangari Maathai Tribute Film
6 min
16x9 - Cancer Crusader: Sandra Steingraber
6 min
It's in the Soil
5 min
TEDxTC - Winona LaDuke - Seeds of Our Ancestors, Seeds of Life
16 min
Canada Reads 2014: The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood Book Trailer
1 min
Margaret Atwood on The Year of the Flood
5 min
Taking Root The Vision of Wangari Maathai
3 min
Arundhati Roy on 'Walking with the Comrades'
1 min
Barbara Kingsolver discusses her writing process
3 min
Author Elizabeth Kolbert on the sixth exinction
18 min
Remembering Wangari Maathai, First African Woman to Win Nobel Prize
8 min
GLBT History Month 2008 - Rachel Carson
0 min
The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson
0 min
Pesticides - DDT - Rachel Carson - Silent Spring
10 min
Common Hour: Living Downstream (Highlights)
2 min
Vandana Shiva - Soil Not Oil: Climate Change, Peak Oil, and Food Justice
90 min
One on One - Margaret Atwood
22 min
Web Exclusive - Barbara Kingsolver
16 min
Winona LaDuke on Redemption
4 min
Minobimaatisiiwin - the good life | Winona LaDuke | TEDxSitka
20 min
Elizabeth Kolbert: Field Notes from a Catastrophe
62 min
Elizabeth Kolbert "The Sixth Extinction"
60 min
Environmentalism: From the Control of Nature to Partnership with Carolyn Merchant
59 min