Algorithimic Wildlife
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Algorithimic Wildlife

published over 7 years ago

On thursday 10 September Code Matters organises a evening programme with artists and researchers who will be your guide in the strange world of algorithms.

Coded Matter(s) #9: High Fidelity
11 min
Axis at the 54th Venice Biennale - Michelle Kasprzak
1 min
A Path to Understanding the Effects of Algorithm Awareness
0 min
Off the Press - Michelle Kasprzak, _V2: The eBook as a Vehicle for Re-dissemination and Creation
20 min
A New Consciousness
3 min
Camouflage: The New Plaid
6 min
Soirée RYBN Mal Au Pixel, Paris 2006
10 min
GLOBALE: Infosphäre
0 min
How algorithms shape our world - Kevin Slavin
15 min
Algorithmen, die zocken: Algo-Trading und elektronische Medien an der Börse
92 min
Algorithmic Trading– Impact of Automated Trading Programs On Markets Documentary
48 min