Third MAD Symposium | Guts
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Third MAD Symposium | Guts

published over 2 years ago

With a lineup curated by David Chang and the team of Lucky Peach, guests and speakers shared visceral stories of strength, persistence, risk-taking, and embracing failure at the third MAD Symposium, GUTS.

The Contemporary Status of Agriculture | Dr. Vandana Shiva
28 min
Culinary Injustice | Michael Twitty, Culinary Historian
18 min
Carne e Spirito | Dario Cecchini
26 min
The Passion, the Probe, and the Problem | Margot Henderson
13 min
Bringing Back Peace & Life to Mogadishu | Ahmed Jama
16 min
Feeding Hunger: The Promise of Street Food | Roy Choi, Chef and Founder of Kogi
25 min
Move Your Guts or Be Gutted | Christian Puglisi, Chef and Co-Owner of Relæ
33 min
A Conversation with Alain Ducasse | A.Ducasse; D. Chang; D. Patterson; C. Ying; R. Redzepi
40 min
GO WILD! | Roland Rittman
19 min
Guts and Passion Shaped my Career | Barbara Lynch
21 min
Knowing Is Half the Battle | C. Ying & P. Freed
28 min
Gut feelings - Love & Betrayal on the Plate | Jon Reiner
27 min
On Guts | David Chang
8 min
Authenticity | Jonathan Gold, Food Critic
21 min
Entrails: The Hidden Side of Cooking | Heribert Watzke
20 min
Fermentation Revival | Sandor Katz
26 min
Koomal Dreaming: Cultural Experiences | Josh Whiteland
42 min
Changing the World, One School Dinner at a Time | ​Martha Payne
18 min
The Perennial Plate | ​D.Klein & M. Fine
15 min
Dark Snow ​| Jason Box
21 min
Collaborations between Farm & Restaurant | C. Sandberg & D. Kinch
24 min
Who's Got the Guts? ​| Tor Nørretranders
17 min
Spontaneity in Cusine | ​Pascal Barbot, L'Astrance
24 min
Xenos | Knud Romer
19 min