Climate Change Conference in Paris
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Climate Change Conference in Paris

published about 7 years ago

More than 150 government representatives were present at COP21 on 30 November 2015. This is an update on the progress after the first day of talks, demonstrations and press conferences of the COP21 in Paris.

COP21/CMP11 official video (English subtitles)
1 min
The Paris climate negotiations, explained
4 min
Police Clash With Protesters in Paris: COP21 - Climate Emergency (Dispatch 1)
16 min
Ring of steel surrounds Paris amid high alert over climate
1 min
World leaders as never before kick-start climate talks at Paris COP21
2 min
Ban Ki-moon's call for action ahead of the COP21 Paris Climate Conference
1 min
La COP 21 en vidéo-blog. Naomi Klein : «Cette manifestation est un geste de défi»
4 min
Climate change - a burning issue in Paris | FT World
8 min
COP 21: Hollande full speech to world leaders at conference opening - live
14 min
The President Addresses Climate Change at COP21
13 min
COP 21: Putin's full speech on Russia climate change reform - live
4 min
Can Climate Change Be Stopped? - The People Speak
4 min
COP21 Fossil of the Day Winners: New Zealand and Belgium
1 min
LIVE: COP21 – Putin, Obama, other world leaders talk climate change
184 min
COP21 Paris Climate Talks Spark Protests
5 min