The avant garde of tokenisation
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The avant garde of tokenisation

published 12 months ago

Eleven years on from the genesis bitcoin block being minted. The entire crypto and blockchain industry is gearing up for a next leap in innovation and user adoption. Here are some of the leaders in this highspeed industry.

Intro To TokenSets
1 min
TokenSets, Set Protocol & Crypto Trading's Future w/ Felix Feng (Ep. 0075)
71 min
Argent: The first smart wallet
10 min
0 min
How to use Social Sets with Argent
0 min
Itamar Lesuisse: Argent – The Self-Custody Crypto Bank (#327)
66 min
Dharma Show & Tell - Token Summit III NYC 2018
4 min
Daily Clip: The P2P Lending Illusion w/ Nadav Hollander of Dharma (#7)
9 min
Coinbase Speaker Series: Nadav Hollander on Dharma and DeFi
35 min
What is 0x?
1 min
Challenges of Operating and Growing a DeFi Platform | Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020
47 min
0xpo 2020: Tokenizing Traditional Assets Panel
25 min
The State of Asset Tokenization in 2020 w/ Hart Lambur & Michael Oved (Ep. 0077)
29 min
Solving the DeFi Oracle Problem with Hart Lambur of UMA
28 min
Augur - How A Decentralized Prediction Market Works (Narrated by Shooter Jennings)
2 min
Joey Krug | What Is Augur? Why Do Prediction Markets Matter for Real Estate?
1 min
Composability and Augur v2 | Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020
19 min
Joey Krug: Predicting Augur's Future and Pantera's Investment Thesis
51 min
Token Summit II - Show and Tell - dYdX with Antonio Juliano
3 min
DeFi Lending & Borrowing on dYdX
14 min
The FTX Podcast #8 - Antonio Juliano Founder of the Decentralized Exchange dYdX
68 min
Introducing AirSwap: The Simplest Way to Trade
1 min
Bill Tai Explains the Potential of Blockchain
2 min
Michael Oved - Airswap (Interview)
5 min
"A History of Trade" by Michael Oved, AirSwap | Fluidity 2018
6 min
Gavin Wood: Explaining the Polkadot Launch Process
26 min
What is Polkadot? | A Polkadot for Beginners Guide and Intro to Blockchain
76 min
Polkadot Behind the Code, Episode 1: The Idea, featuring Gavin Wood
7 min
"Connecting Blockchain and the Real World" by Sergey Nazarov, Chainlink | Fluidity 2019
12 min
"Automated Liquidity" by Hayden Adams, Uniswap | Fluidity 2019
8 min
Intro to Kyber Network: Most Used Liquidity Protocol in DeFi
1 min
What is Kyber Network?
5 min
Invest: Asia 2019: Kyber Network Update
30 min
Balancing the Ledger: Compound CEO Robert Leshner I Fortune
10 min
Graph Day: Open Financial Primitives with Robert Leshner
15 min
Coinbase Speaker Series: Robert Leshner on Compound and DeFi
34 min
Robert Leshner: Compound – An Automated Money Market for Ethereum Tokens (#295)
63 min
What is Dai? (DAI crypto stablecoin)
1 min