FutureFest 2015
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FutureFest 2015

published about 7 years ago

FutureFest is Nesta‘s weekend festival of radical ideas, compelling talks, and immersive experiences to inspire and challenge perceptions of the future. The most recent festival took place in March 2015 in London.


Reflections on FutureFest
6 min
Geoff Mulgan at FutureFest 2015: opening talk
11 min
Prof Brendan Walker introduces Neurosis at FutureFest 2015
2 min
Vivienne Westwood at FutureFest 2015: End Vulture Capitalism
6 min
Owen Jones at FutureFest 2015: The Politics of Hope
29 min
Helena Kennedy QC at FutureFest 2015: The Future of Democracy
29 min
Mimu gloves demonstration at NESTA FutureFest 2015 - Chagall & Daniel Mulhern
2 min
FutureFest Highlights
2 min
George Clinton at FutureFest 2015
15 min
Dr Morgaine Gaye at FutureFest 2015: The Future of Confectionary
27 min
Back to the FutureFest
1 min
Edward Snowden at FutureFest full interview
44 min
Emotive City by Minimaforms
3 min
Jon Ronson at FutureFest 2015: Humans 0, Machines 1
26 min
CashFlow - Interactive Audio Visual Installation at FutureFest 2015
0 min