Ethereum DevCon2 - Shanghai
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Ethereum DevCon2 - Shanghai

published over 6 years ago

Ethereum DevCon2 was a three day conference held on September 2016 in Shanghai, where a community of developers and evangelists came together to present and discuss the future of Ethereum.

Devcon2: Welcome & Introduction Panel
18 min
devcon2: Status, a Ethereum light client for Android & iOS
14 min
Devcon2: Ethereum in 25 Minutes
25 min
Devcon2: Regulatory Considerations for Dapp Development
23 min
State Channels Systemic Security Considerations and Solutions
14 min
The Mauve Revolution
26 min
Roman Mandeleil - - Annual Summary - Devcon2
20 min
A Correct by Construction Asynchronous Casper Protocol
21 min
nuco Keynote at DevCon 2, Shanghai
14 min
Ethereum On Ruby
15 min
Ethereum for Resource Limited Devices
18 min
Designs for the L4 Contract Programming Language Based on Deontic Modal Logic
18 min
Zcash + Ethereum = ❤
20 min
Digix Devcon2 Video
18 min
A Lap Around Developing Cryptlets
23 min
Sikorka – Ethereum Meets the Outdoors
11 min
Smart Contract Security
12 min
Ethereum Devcon2 Final Ceremony
4 min