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Various forms of activism range from writing letters to newspapers or politicians, political campaigning, economic activism such as boycotts or preferentially patronizing businesses, rallies, street marches, strikes, sit-ins, and hunger strikes. Research is beginning to explore how activist groups are using social media to facilitate civic engagement and collective action.

Trailer "Everyday Rebellion"
2 min
How to Pronounce Activism
0 min
"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" - Gil Scott-Heron
1 min
Activism in a digital society - Richard Stallman in INT's ENLIGHTENMENT MINUTES.
9 min
Spain: Anti-monarchy Catalans protest new king
1 min
2 min
[217] One Party Dictatorship, Moral Monday Demonstrations, Sex: A Scandalous Distraction
27 min
Battle for the Arctic: Drill or Not to Drill
6 min
Anti-Vietnam War Movement Documentary
11 min
American Radical, Pacifist and Activist for Nonviolent Social Change: David Dellinger Interview
49 min
Aaron Swartz Hammered While HSBC Goes Free
2 min
Anti-drone protests hit New York
2 min
Gene Sharp - How to Start a Revolution Teaser
3 min
How to Start a Revolution (Film)
52 min
Wealth Inequality in America
6 min
Occupation Nation "An Occupy Wall Street Documentary" (FULL)
62 min
Monday Demonstrations in Germany: The Architects Of The Future
38 min
Stay Put and Become a Squatter in Your Own Home
3 min
Radical Nature - Guerrilla Gardening with Richard Reynolds
4 min
Ukraine's capital Kiev gripped by huge pro-EU demonstration - 08.12.2013
2 min
FEMEN protest in Kiev - no comment
1 min
Israeli Peace Demo Violently Disrupted, Dozens Injured as Counterprotesters Yell "Death to Arabs"
5 min
Provo in Nederland
4 min
Violent protests in Kiev: Rioters beat up police officers
0 min
From Activist to "Terrorist"
103 min
Anonymous- The Story of the Hacktivists (Full Documentary)
95 min
Robert Jasper Grootveld over het wittefietsenplan (1966)
3 min
Activism 2.0 - Rebirth of the Environmental Movement: Emily Hunter at TEDxUTSC
16 min
Climate protesters build ice pyramid at Shell HQ
0 min
Greenpeace protests at Shell refinery
1 min
Demonstratie tegen kruisraketten 21 november 1981 Amsterdam film van Wiebe Schipmolder
15 min
Demonstraties tegen kruisraketten
1 min
Marxism, Feminism, and Women's Liberation - Judith Orr and Estelle Hart
87 min
Effects of Disney's Gender Stereotyping
7 min
Politiechef Den Haag Marokkanen zijn barbaren en genetisch crimineel Wijblijvenhier nl
0 min
Verslag: demonstratie Den Haag tegen racisme! 26-02-2011
4 min
Why Online Activism Usually Fails
2 min
The Secret Deal that Threatens the Food on Your Plate
1 min
250 arrested in anti-TTIP protest at European Business Summit
2 min
baader meinhof _ in love with terror
69 min
History of the Civil Rights Movement
5 min
America in the 20th Century The Civil Rights Movement
81 min
SQUATTING: Alternative Living or a Criminal Act?
8 min
Fault Lines - History of an occupation
24 min
The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz
105 min