Self Driving Cars
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Self Driving Cars

published over 8 years ago

The future of autonomous transport is in the hands of Google. A car that needs no driver can drop you off at your destination, then head off to find a parking space. No more need for the ordinary chauffeur. But what if a self-driving car breaks the law, who is at fault: the "driver", or the manufacturer?

Behind the Google Self Driving Car Project
3 min
Knight rider
1 min
Google's self-driving car - BBC News
1 min
google's self-driving car experience
1 min
Build It, Break It, Improve It by Sebastian Thrun
30 min
DARPA Grand Challenge - 2005 Driverless Car Competition
10 min
Google Self Driving Car on City Streets
1 min
A look inside Google's Driverless Car
9 min
A First Drive
2 min