Profile: George Lakey
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Profile: George Lakey

published over 3 years ago

George Russell Lakey is an activist, sociologist, and writer who added academic underpinning to the concept of nonviolent revolution. He also refined the practice of experiential training for activists which he calls "Direct Education".

Why Are Quakers Pacifists?
5 min
Can There Be a Nonviolent Response to Terrorism?
6 min
On Contact: Non-Violent Resistance with George Lakey
27 min
George Lakey speaks about "How We Win" (part 1/2)
29 min
George Lakey - "How We Win" Q&A (Part 2/2)
51 min
George Lakey, author of “Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right -- and How We Can Too”
56 min
George Lakey Explains the Benefits of Scandinavian Economics
80 min
Viking Economics with George Lakey
92 min