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Polymer Web Components usher in a new era of web development based on encapsulated and interoperable custom elements that extend HTML itself. Built atop these new standards, Polymer makes it easier and faster to create anything from a button to a complete application across desktop, mobile and beyond.


Google I/O 2014 - Polymer and Web Components change everything you know about Web development
36 min
Google I/O 2014 - Unlock the next era of UI development with Polymer
41 min
Google I/O 2014 - Polymer and the Web Components revolution
38 min
Componentize the Web
11 min
Polymer: Creating responsive UIs
6 min
Polymer: Interacting with Google Services using nothing but HTML
9 min
Polymer: making Web Components accessible
8 min
Introducing the Polymer Designer tool
18 min
Introduction to Polymer: The Next Generation of Web Development - Matthew McNulty
20 min
Web Component Mashups at 3 a.m. - Rob Dodson
31 min
The Web Components Revolution is Here - Eric Bidelman
22 min
Polymer - Chrome Dev Summit 2013 (Eric Bidelman)
28 min
Building modern apps with Polymer & Web Components
52 min
Using Angular with Polymer elements
9 min
Building a site on web components
8 min
Addy Osmani: Plight Of The Butterfly: Object.observe() -- JSConf EU
34 min
Hello Polymer
35 min
Web Components: A Tectonic Shift for Web Development - Google I/O 2013
32 min
Web Components in Action - Google I/O 2013
41 min
What's new in Custom Elements 2013-07-10
14 min