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published over 3 years ago

In RetroSuburbia, David Holmgren throws out a challenge to all of us – can we adapt in place, and thrive? Can we imagine a resilient future for our street? How do we make that happen? Is it even possible?

RetroSuburbia book trailer
1 min
RetroSuburbia: retrofitting your home to make it more resilient
1 min
RetroSuburbia: embracing community sufficiency
1 min
David Holmgren Interview about Retrosuburbia: with Morag Gamble, Our Permaculture Life
18 min
RetroSuburbia talk by David Holmgren
42 min
David Holmgren Interview on Permaculture, Energy Descent & Future Scenarios
87 min
Surfing the Suburbs with David Holmgren
94 min