Zero Carbon Living
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Zero Carbon Living

published over 7 years ago

Michael E. "Mike" Reynolds is an American architect based in New Mexico known for the design and construction of Earthships. He is a proponent of "radically sustainable living". He has been a critic of the profession of architecture for its failure to deal with the amount of waste that building design creates.

Garbage Warrior Trailer
1 min
How to Build a Tire Wall
14 min
TEDxTamaya - Michael Reynolds - 11/22/09
17 min
Garbage Warrior, Mike Reynolds English version avec sous titre en francais!
87 min
Earthsip Academy
6 min
Michael Reynolds Earthship Interview 2014 Philippines.
18 min
Earthships: self-sustaining homes for a post-apocalyptic US?
40 min
Grand Designs | Brittany Groundhouse | Channel 4
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