Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0
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Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0

published about 7 years ago

Ethereum is a project aiming to decentralize the internet and return it to its democratic roots. It is a platform for building and running applications which do not need to rely on trust and cannot be controlled by any central authority.

Introducing Ethereum
9 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0 - Gavin: Welcome! Our mission: ÐApps
35 min
Vitalik Buterin explains Ethereum
3 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: How to Sell Ideas
34 min
Ethereum Video Background loop for Meetup groups and presentations
5 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: Ethereum 1.x: On blockchain interop and scaling
50 min
The future of Ethereum: "DΞV and Beyond"
53 min
Ethereum - Your turn
1 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0 - Whisper: the Multi DHT Messaging System with Routing Privacy. Vision & Roadmap.
73 min
Ethereum DApp Interview: Provenance with Jessi & Jutta
11 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: Ethereum 2.0 and Beyond
40 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: Solidity, Vision and Roadmap
42 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: The Path to the Ethereum Light Client
19 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: Looking at the Ethereum IDE - Mix
42 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: Keeping the Public Record Safe and Accessible
47 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: C++ Ethereum and Emacs
13 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: Golem
18 min
Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: Multi Protocol Peer Network Framework: Vision and Roadmap
51 min