20 Years After the Genocide
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20 Years After the Genocide

published over 7 years ago

On the 4 August 1993 the Rwandan Civil War and ended. The assassination of Habyarimana in April 1994 proved to reignite conflicts and trigger the Rwandan Genocide, with a death toll of more than 800,000 people.


RWANDA 20 Years On - A Transmedia project (Trailer)
3 min
Let the Devil Sleep: Rwanda 20 Years After Genocide
24 min
Jennifer Welsh, Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect - 20th Anniversary Rwanda Genocide
5 min
Jean Paul Samputu on Music and Forgiveness | 20 Years After the Genocide
3 min
RWANDA, 20 years after genocide
7 min
Rwanda 20 years since genocide
5 min
Carla Ferstman on Lubanga's verdict on Al Jaazera
5 min
20 Years Later, Rwanda Commemorates Genocide the World Ignored
15 min
The Appeal of Joseph M
16 min
Rwanda's Untold Story Documentary
59 min