Future living
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Future living

published over 7 years ago

By thinking smart about how we design our homes we have a chance of becoming energy independent. This is a collection of possible scenarios for future living in a post fossil fuel society.

The Living Building Challenge : New Zealand's First Living Building
2 min
Buildings That Breathe | Doris Sung's Living Architecture
5 min
Living Buildings for a Living Future | Jason McLennan | TEDxBend
15 min
Experience a 220 sq ft tiny home - OffBeat Spaces video
3 min
Family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up Stockholm weather
18 min
Marc Kushner: Why the buildings of the future will be shaped by ... you
18 min
4 min
Solaleya Domespace NY TV Feature - World's most extreme home
6 min
How to build a home for less than $50,000
18 min
Hoe bouw je een gebouw van stobalen?
11 min
Plywood bedroom hangs as a nest over printed tiny Paris flat
7 min
VolkerWessels Renovatie in een dag
3 min
There is no home like this one - OffBeat Spaces Video - The Box House
3 min
Shared micro living: how 2 couples could live/work in 700 sq ft
12 min
Norcal veteran coder customizes with sensors off-grid home
26 min
Pop-Up House: the affordable passive house
2 min