Fourth MAD Symposium | What’s Cooking?
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Fourth MAD Symposium | What’s Cooking?

published over 2 years ago

At the fourth MAD Symposium, curator Alex Atala of restaurant D.O.M. proposed that the border is food. At What’s Cooking?, we considered how cooking relates to genesis, maybe even the apocalypse.

Save Your Food Save Your Life | Ron Finley, Urban Gardener
29 min
Be Afraid | Albert Adrià
20 min
Opening a Restaurant is Scary | Tatiana Levha, Co-Owner of Le Servan
16 min
Loco'l: Fast Food Made With Ideology | R. Choi & D. Patterson
20 min
How to Debone a Pig's Trotter | Pierre Koffmann
2 min
Soba Master Tatsuru Rai Demonstrates His Craft
13 min
The Art of the Table | Silvano Giraldin
20 min
Brittany: Melting Pot of the Flavors of the World | Olivier Roellinger
29 min
Does the Apple Fall Far From the Tree? | Madhur Jaffrey
35 min
The History of the Celebrity Chef | Paul Freedman
23 min
The Perfect Omelette | Pierre Koffmann
4 min
How to Clean an Artichoke in 20 Seconds | Pierre Koffmann
1 min
How Food and Design Interact | Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator at MoMa
20 min
Conviviality for One | Julian Baggini
23 min
Benchmarks Not the BMW | Jeremiah Tower
27 min
Beautiful People Eat Ugly Fruit | Isabel Soares
20 min
Fulvio in Exile | Fulvio Pierangelini
32 min
Be Careful What You Wish For | Chris Cosentino
25 min
A Diner's Confession on The Flavor of Fantasy | Anya Von Bremzen
13 min
Passing on Skills About Slow Food | The Allen Family
9 min
Why Changing Eating Habits is Important? | Eyvind Hellstrøm
7 min
Presenting the ZeroFoodprint Project | Chris Ying, Editor of MAD Dispatches
5 min