Local currencies
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Local currencies

published about 8 years ago

Since money is man made, it can be reinvented to meet specific objectives within any kind of community, region or economic sector. Community currencies are economic, policy and social instruments, operating as supplement to conventional money, meant to address issues or problems that otherwise would remain unmet in the current money system. http://www.qoin.org/

Buy Local
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The Bristol Pound
4 min
Why we can't shop our way to a better economy: Stacy Mitchell at TEDxDirigo
14 min
Creative Currency: New Tools for a New Economy
3 min
Mark Wagner - Money is Material
3 min
Alice Maggio - BerkShares - CCS Conference 2013
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What are regional currencies?
10 min
Ithaca Hours: Local Currency
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The power of complementary community currencies: Edgar Kampers at TEDxLeiden
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Tony Greenham - Strengths of Community Currencies - CCS Conference 2013
5 min
Video- ´╗┐´╗┐Money Man, The story behind the "What Have We Done" photo series
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Deliberate implosion of US economy - Former Bush Sec. of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts
46 min
The Bristol Pound - Ciaran Mundy - CCS Conference 2013
5 min
Migrating from Credits to Local Currency Payments
3 min
The Art of Local Currency
2 min