Reaktor Breakpoint conference
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Reaktor Breakpoint conference

published almost 6 years ago

Breakpoint is a two-day conference that brings together developers, designers, marketing visionaries and innovators. It’s full of insightful talks, inspiring workshops and awesome people.

Scott Hanselman: JavaScript, the Cloud and the Rise of the New Virtual Machine
50 min
Simo Ahava: Meaningful Data
36 min
Chris Noessel: Gorgeous + Catastrophic
34 min
Craig Sullivan: Surviving the Hype Cycle
49 min
Lotta Nieminen: The Art of Wearing Multiple Hats
33 min
Laura Busche: Lean Branding – Creating Dynamic Brands to Generate Conversion
33 min
Vitaly Friedman: Real-Life Responsive Web Design
49 min
Minna Kaitala: Rethinking Brand Experiences
29 min
Markus Hjort: Modern Finnish Enterprise Level Microservices at Yle
36 min
Douglas Holt: Building Brands in a Social-Media Centered Culture
51 min
Paddy Moogan: How to Come Up With Content Ideas for Your Digital Campaigns
42 min
Patrick Le Quément: Design Story – Pushing the Boundaries
55 min
Karri-Pekka Laakso: Incremental Design – Why I Hate Projects and Love Feedback
36 min
Kevlin Henney: FizzBuzz Trek
51 min
Neil Harbisson: Life and Art in the Age of Cyborgs
30 min
Tuomas Hakkarainen: Behind the Scenes of Hello World Open
39 min
Dan Rose: Dismantle Your Workflow and Live to Tell the Story
41 min
Mikko Hyppönen: Losing the Game
39 min