Designing for Virtual Reality
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Designing for Virtual Reality

published about 6 years ago

Virtual Reality design should support and enhance the user’s sense of presence in the virtual environment. Designers now have a 360 degree field of view to design an immersive experience with.

Designing for virtual reality and the impact on education | Alex Faaborg | TEDxCincinnati
9 min
VR Interface Design Manifesto
11 min
Best Practices for Cinematic VR Production
29 min
VRLA Summer Expo 2016: Unity Presents, Taking VR to 11: Best Practices for Next Level VR Experiences
39 min
VR Interface Design Pre-Visualisation Methods
18 min
Google I/O 2015 - Designing for virtual reality
42 min
VR Game Design Advice and Optimization Best Practices | Carl Callewaert
29 min
Oculus Connect 2: Game Design Un-Rules: Examining Design Failures in Time Machine VR
23 min
Mark Schoennagel (Unity) Creating a Virtual Reality Experience with Unity
26 min
VR Best Practices- Andreia Gaita
50 min