First MAD Symposium | Planting Thoughts
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First MAD Symposium | Planting Thoughts

published almost 3 years ago

The idea behind the first Symposium, which would eventually become MAD’s cornerstone event, was to create a forum where chefs could collaborate in the spirit of communal knowledge and inspiration.

MAD: A Global Cooking Community with an Appetite for Change
1 min
An Introduction to the First MAD Symposium | René Redzepi
10 min
Food Microbiology: An Overlooked Frontier | David Chang
22 min
The Flavours of Plants| Harold McGee, Author
26 min
Fäviken: How We Do Things | Magnus Nilsson
24 min
Copenhagen is Buzzing: Bees, Cities & Our Common Future | Jacqueline McGlade
5 min
Beets, Ubiquity, and Uniqueness | Daniel Patterson
1 min
The Cycle of Love | Ben Shewry, Chef and Owner of Attica
28 min
Natural & Cultural Ecosystems | Andoni Aduriz
25 min
How Good Food Can Save Our Planet | Dr. Molly Jahn
21 min
All Food Has Been Alive | Søren Wiuff, Farmer
34 min
Wild Plants & Culinary Creativity | Francois Couplan
24 min
Beyond the Animal Model | Stefano Mancuso
35 min
Urban Food Systems | Thomas Harttung, Founder of Aarstiderne
19 min
A Short History of the Beet | Daniel Patterson
14 min
Insects & Plants Together for Life | Alex Atala
35 min
Wild Flavours of England | Miles Irving, Forager
16 min
From Wild to Tame and Back Again | Tor Nørretranders
23 min
The Power of Food | Gastón Acurio
39 min
Coquina et Naturali Vinorum | Iñaki Aizpitarte
32 min
Vivre la Cuisine | Michel Bras
62 min
Make Food Not War | Kamal Mouzawak
16 min
How Will Future Food Systems Differ? | Hans Herren
29 min