Market Gardening Course
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Market Gardening Course

published about 5 years ago

This is a collection of sources mentioned by Richard and Matt during the Market Gardening Course.

September 2014 Ridgedale Permaculture
0 min
Yeomans Plough Demonstration
1 min
P A Yeomans-Keyline in the Kiewa Valley (13 min) 1981
12 min
Invest in Your Soil — Eliot Coleman
1 min
About Johnny's
9 min
The Winter Harvest with Eliot Coleman
54 min
Third pickup at Reko-ring Malmö
0 min
What is Reko?/Vad är Reko?
3 min
The Coconut Revolution | Trailer | Available Now
1 min
The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil - higher quality
52 min
Joel Salatin - How To Quit Your Job And Start Farming
6 min
Joel Salatin's 3 Farming Principles
14 min
The 8 Forms of Capital
42 min
DIY Chicken Coops + Cutting Feed Costs 100%
1 min
How To Build The ChickShaw Mobile Chicken Coop
17 min
21st Century Garden: Healthy Soil, Nutritious Food & Compost Tea (Elaine Ingham)
53 min
The Market Gardener with Jean-Martin Fortier, Six Figure Farming Part 1 Introduction
24 min
Interviews & Insights: Paul & Elizabeth Kaiser - Bio-intensive No-Till Farm
6 min
No-till Farmers Elizabeth and Paul Kaiser Keynote 2017 NOFA/Mass Winter Conference
51 min
13 min
Homeacres no dig garden fifth summer: veg, fruit, flowers, intense cropping and easy weeding.
24 min
Building a working farm in 5 months...
63 min
Savory Institute: Holistic Management Worldwide
6 min
VEG & Holistic Management
4 min
Holistic Management
6 min
Holistic Management by Allan Savory
62 min
My 3 Most Profitable Microgreens
15 min
The Lean Farm Guide to Growing Vegetables by Ben Hartman
1 min
The Lean Farm Book by Ben Hartman
2 min
Mushrooms, Mycology of Consciousness - Paul Stamets, EcoFarm Conference Keynote 2017
80 min
Paul Stamets - Mycelium Running 1of5
15 min
The Power of Fungi, Mushrooms, and Mycelium
11 min
Growing Wine Cap Mushrooms in the Garden! (King Stropharia)
3 min
12 min
Culticycle with star hoes, flextines and sweeper weeder
3 min
Make: Live Farm Hack: A Community for Open-Source Farm Tool Innovation
47 min
Michael Kilpatrick - Winter Vegetable Production - PFI 2018 Annual Conference
67 min
This simple hack works better than a $2300 machine!
6 min
Self-propelled Solar Powered Egg Mobiles! for less that €400
14 min