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POSTRmagazine is a free magazine printed on an A1 size poster and folded to a 198 x 280 mm format. POSTRmagazine is distributed in Europe to selected stores, art centers, galleries, concert halls and sent to people all over the world. In case you’re wondering why it’s the size of a poster, it’s because we would like you to put them up. On your front door, your kitchen window, your bedroom ceiling or even nailed to the door of your local city hall. Screw a blogosphere, we’re taking it back to the oldest of old schools. We are the new pamphleteers, taking on the digital dictatorship of the 2.0 era. This is our answer to the big media corporations who don’t have anything new to say. Indeed, we don’t pretend to be absolutely objective about our content like they do. We’re not saying that the evening news doesn’t get its facts straight. Or that it does. The fact of the matter is, for every item that makes it to the teleprompter, a dozen get cut. We want to know about that dozen and we want to let you know about them too. Because there’s a lot more going on than what you read about in the papers, and it might concern you more than you’d like to think. POSTRmagazine is not here to give you all or even any of the answers; we’re here to raise some questions of our own. We’re here to make sure you keep thinking. We’re the critical footnote at the bottom of the picture perfect, the news satellite on the dark side of the moon, keeping an eye on what the 9 ‘o clock news doesn’t show you. We want to get you thinking about whatever you didn’t know yet, and to make you think twice about what you thought you already knew. Because fact is, you never know. Especially when going out for a drive on an information superhighway where news stories stand bumper to bumper, and where no traffic cop is on patrol to sort out the madness. But no need for despair, we’re all in this together, right? We hope you pick up an issue of POSTRmagazine when you see it on a shelve and enjoy reading it. Sincerely, The POSTRmagazine staff

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