Hurray For Washington 2016
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Hurray For Washington 2016

published about 7 years ago

Back in 2011 we predicted Marco Rubio for President in 2016. During the coming months we'll be shining our light on the campaign to see if we were right all along and our prediction becomes a frightening reality.

CNN's Houston GOP debate in 90 seconds
1 min
Bernie Sanders on stage at Iowa 2016 Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum
32 min
Senator Marco Rubio Presidential Announcement Full Speech (C-SPAN)
18 min
Have Russian and China committed acts of cyberwar? | Fox News Republican Debate
1 min
Sen Marco Rubio On How He Expects To Break out Of The Crowded 2016 GOP Pack - Outnumbered
16 min
John Kerry Dismantles Marco Rubio's Theory on Iran
8 min
Trump: What's The Deal?
82 min
Sanders vs Media vs Clinton
5 min