Ubiquitous Art and Sound
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Ubiquitous Art and Sound

published about 8 years ago

The intangible aspects, qualities and possibilities of art and sound in public and private spaces are getting more powerful and are increasingly present in contemporary urban life. By inviting practitioners to elaborate and demonstrate transdisciplinary projects, TodaysArt aim to articulate the ways in which our living environment can be designed and how it is currently being influenced.

Frances Crow (Liminal) - Organ of Corti
2 min
0 min
Jan Edler (realities:united) - BIG Vortex
4 min
Joris Hoogeboom + Teun Verkerk – Buqs
0 min
Mark Bain - The Live Room
4 min
Professor Arthur I Miller - Creativity in Art, Creativity in Science
32 min
Jan Edler (realities:united) - SPOTS
3 min
Bright Collisions 2012: Eric Kluitenberg
48 min
TodaysArt 2014 Summit: Bright Collisions
0 min