Dance Performance - Afrofuturism Now
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Dance Performance - Afrofuturism Now

published about 7 years ago

Afrofuturism combines avant-garde, science-fiction and other works and reflections from the black diaspora. Afrofuturism is an active and global movement that covers all artistic disciplines, and wider aspects of culture and activism.

Afrofuturism "Black to the Future" at Goethe Institute
8 min
The Afrofuturism Manifesto (Dir. Emily Eaglin)
8 min
Makeda Thomas - 'Speech Sounds" promo w/Bring de Power
1 min
movt nr 6 destination inner space
6 min
Afrofuturism glow stick dance
3 min
The Inscription Project Promotional
2 min
The AFROFUTURISM Series Fundraiser
1 min
The Inscription Project - FLICfest 2015
40 min
UNTOUCHABLE by Zari Le'on Dance Theater
1 min