STT Early Birds #1: Autonomous weapons systems
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STT Early Birds #1: Autonomous weapons systems

published over 4 years ago

Killer robots and autonomous weapon systems that take over: are they mere frightening images that we are being served by the media? Or is the threat real?

7 min
The Ethics of A.I. on the Battlefield Are Less Clear-Cut Than You Might Think
3 min
Moral Math of Robots: Can Life and Death Decisions Be Coded?
94 min
Shared autonomy for interactive robotics
27 min
Killer Robots Might Take Over The World Sooner Than You Think
2 min
The Power of Distributed Control
5 min
Regulation for the Future, with Barney Frank
3 min
Rise of the Terminators - Military Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Weapons that think for Themselves
6 min
Real-life robocops
2 min
Autonomous Robots That Can Heal Themselves
1 min
What a driverless world could look like | Wanis Kabbaj
11 min
What is an autonomous system?
4 min
Autonomous systems – a new industrial revolution
12 min
Autonomous Systems
2 min
Yisong Yue on Machine Learning in Autonomous Systems
1 min
Human-Centered Robotics for Semi-Autonomous Systems and Health Applications at UTAustin
4 min
Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans | The Pulse | CNBC
2 min
Panel and Town Hall: Big Thoughts and Big Questions about Ethics in Artificial Intelligence
67 min
Autonomous Tractor at Work
3 min
Interview with Autonomous Rolf
0 min
The Autonomous Human Drone Taxi
3 min
Meet the 26-Year-Old Hacker Who Built a Self-Driving Car... in His Garage
6 min