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Voor DOA

published about 4 years ago

QUIZ: Hoe goed ken jij Nederland?
1 min
What happens when our computers get smarter than we are? | Nick Bostrom
16 min
With data, the future is different | Wali Zahid | TEDxNUSTKarachi
14 min
The Awesome Power of Citizen Science
9 min
Free Your MInd
5 min
How Funny Face Swapping Videos Could Lead To More “Fake News”
3 min
New hope for humans in an A.I. world | Louis Rosenberg | TEDxKC
15 min
Mobiel bellen in 1998 door Frans Bromet
2 min
2016 YPO EDGE - The Future of Information: Michio Kaku
25 min
What will future jobs look like? | Andrew McAfee
14 min
The citizen science revolution | Leesa Ricci | TEDxSUU
8 min
2025 The Future of ICT
9 min