AR & VR Presence 2016
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AR & VR Presence 2016

published about 6 years ago

Burst week 2016 IMD KABK - AR & VR Presence

Through the Wormhole S06E04 Do We Live in the Matrix
35 min
Designing for virtual reality and the impact on education | Alex Faaborg | TEDxCincinnati
9 min
Ars Electronica 1990, VR-Symposium with Jaron Lanier, Warren Robinett, Brenda Laurel, Marvin Minsky, Timothy Leary ...
18 min
Merrell virtual hike
2 min
What VR Could, Should, and Almost Certainly Will Be within Two Years
27 min
Building Believable Virtual Reality by Co-Founder of Sólfar | Slush 2015
10 min
The Hospital Window: A Beautiful Story On How To Live A Rewarding Life
2 min