David Hockney
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David Hockney

published over 6 years ago

Who Gets to Call it Art - David Hockney
2 min
David Hockney: 'When I paint, I feel I'm 30'
6 min
David Hockney: Photoshop is Boring
11 min
David Hockney: I Am a Space Freak
15 min
Love's Presentation (1966) - extract
5 min
David Hockney on Photography & Other Matters (Secret Knowledge)
0 min
BBC David Hockneys Secret Knowledge 1of2 DivX MP3 MVGForum
43 min
BBC David Hockneys Secret Knowledge 2of2 DivX MP3 MVGForum
31 min
David Hockney: Painting and Photography
55 min
Inside New York's Art World: David Hockney, 1982
80 min
Visiting with Huell Howser: David Hockney
24 min
David Hockney interview, 1966 wearing ZOOM glasses
6 min
TateShots: David Hockney Answers Your Questions
4 min